Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Oooh la la - Casa Deco fabrique magnifique!

Enter ..... Edith Piaff and Sacha Distel and start humming  La Vie En Rose.  Have I set the scene? - a layer of continental sophistication swept throught the showroom this week, when we were paid a visit by the very suave Gilles from Casa Deco fabrics and wallcoverings.

We have been stockists of this exclusive brand of designer fabrics and wallcoverings for over 15 years.   We love the injection of fresh colours and designs that co-ordinate across  the range to give a european flavour to any interior.

This is our favourite new collection aptly named Paris  - gorgeous Parisian secnes with fabulous co-ordinate stripes and plains.  Great in the monocramatic black and white with acid yellow - but relaxed and sophisticated in the taupe and white with accents of duck egg blue.

OOh la la indeed!

Black and acid yellow - very in vogue across the water!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Like father - Like son!

You've heard of bend it like Beckham ,well today I have been bending tracks with Al and Alan.  Bays can be awkward to dress but with Honeysuckle Interiors expertise and a helping hand from our wonderful track fitters, 23 years experience has meant your bay need never go bare again!  We always thought we would struggle to find someone quite like Al, as a former precision engineer, his technical know how and dedication to any job is beyond compare.  We always said they broke the mould when they made Al but how about this..............we've managed to clone him!  We are so pleased to have Alan the taller, younger more good looking  version (Al's words) who just happens to be - wait for it - Al's son.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A fabric rep a day keeps the internet at bay

We've been having such a fab day today - we've seen our lovely reps from Nobilis and Jane Churchill.  The shop was filled with oohs and ahs as we were shown the new collections hot off the press.

Believe it or not there is a downside we have to buy all the books (GRRRRR!) but they are the tools of our trade and as a self confesed fabric junkie I just have to have. 

Sandras been a design diva knee deep in Kobe fabric  pattern placing with the girls in the workroom- things you'll do for a bit of Italian stringing! - whats that? I hear you say - watch this space.  This is going to be a spectacular window dressing with a curtain drop of 4.30m! incredible - and all handstitched.

Manuel Canovas new collection - gorgeous colours!

The new Jane Churchill collection so versatile with co-ordinating wallpapers and plains

Look at these gorgeous fabrics which will be available to view in our show room very very soon.

be back soon

Marina Miche Sandar & Jenny xx

Monday, 16 May 2011

our new blog is live!

How exciting, we have finally launched the Honeysuckle Blog and will be bringing you up to date news about whats going on here at Honeysuckle, tips on how to decorate and furnish your home with lots of helpful, friendly advice.