Tuesday, 4 October 2011

From Cat Walk to Curtains

We had such a lovely time at Focus and Decorex at Chelsea Harbour last week where we met the lovely Clarissa Hulse who  has just designed the wonderful new Kallianthi collection for Harlequin.

So many people remarked on our outfits that we had specially made - and that we'd made them
ourselves! Clarissa shares our passion for wonderful fabrics and textiles and was pleased to see her designs walking around Chelsea harbour!


From Cat Walk to Curtains..........

It’s an exciting season in the furnishing industry as September sees the launch of new fabric and wallpaper collections. Fashion has been a key trend driver in interiors this year with many design inspirations transcending from the catwalk into the home.  Vintage style has seen a revival too as homeowners choose to decorate their rooms that remind them of yesteryear.  Key interior design trends take inspiration from the 1940’s and 50’s as bright colours and patterns are making a comeback.  Villa Novas new High Society – Tea at the Ritz is a great example of this illustrating ladies wearing 1950’s printed dresses.

If you have a passion for fabrics and have a little imagination you can turn this theory on its head as the design team at Honeysuckle recently demonstrated. Inspired by Clarissa Hulse’s latest Kallianthi collection for Harlequin, decided to make their own outfits in beautiful curtain fabrics to wear at Chelsea Harbour’s Focus design exhibition.  Kallianthi is a breathtaking collection of fabrics and wallpapers with a botanical theme.

Recent trends have also shown that we are also starting to use more vibrant  colours in preference to natural shades for our walls.  Wallpaper is also a popular choice as it adds texture and warmth and has a certain amount of luxury to it. In austere times consumers will be looking for brightness and will reflect on better times. The new Kallianthi collection has this in abundance whether you choose to make it up as curtains or clothing.   Colour is all around us and we are constantly influenced by it whether we realise or not. Colour creates mood, ambience and atmosphere in a room it can make us feel cosy, cold, relaxed, happy or sad. If you want to add some colour into your home, why not pop along to the showroom and see the whole collection for yourselves - its stunning!!!

A gorgeous collection of Kallianthi cushions

We also love this The High Society collection from Villa Nova - we all have to find a window to put this on...

And here are some we made earlier..... what will we be making next??????

From left to right Jen is wearing her own fitted jacket creation in Olea
Clarissa - not sure what shes wearing but looks lovely..
Miche is wearing a lovely knee length shift dress in Salvia
Marina has a longer length jacket on in Rue Flower

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