Monday, 9 April 2012

Show off your home and embrace British pride in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Show off your home and embrace British pride in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

There’s a real buzz at Honeysuckle as we start thinking about preparations for the queen’s diamond jubilee.  We’ve just taken on a new range of fabrics which will have us making bunting, cushions, aprons the possibilities are endless.

With the jubilee in mind there is an abundance of truly patriotic themed accessories for our homes this season.” Cool Britannia” décor is growing in popularity because it can be done on a small budget and still look beautiful.

 A well-designed patriotic room will evoke pride. This often begins with the use of a simple flag. Think about how you can use the Union Jack flag as a focal point in your room. Look for large, antique flags to frame and you will have a perfect wall hanging that serves as the focal point of your patriotic design.

Painting a patriotic themed room is actually pretty simple. The colour choices are a no brainer. Go for either a deep red or a navy blue. If you don't want your rooms to have dramatic colour on the walls, then paint one wall with a bold red. Hang your antique flag on that wall for a stunning effect. You could also consider adding a decorative border or painting your trim in red or blue.  There are some great British themed wallpaper on the market and are available in beautiful patriotic themes.

Rugs offer another great accent to your British décor. If you choose a neutral wall colour, you could bring in your bolder colors through a beautiful, Union Jack rug. You could choose a solid colored rug in red or blue.

Capital, First Class and Jack Designs at Honeysuckle Interiors

Capital, First class and Jack designs are now available at Honeysuckle Interiors; helping the nation to celebrate by decorating homes, street parties and even sporting venues with a distinctly patriotic theme. These colourful prints on 100% cotton are suitable for curtains and cushions, table linen and kitchen accessories, bags and flags. Available to buy by the metre with pvc coating this is also perfect for practical table cloths – with no stitching! The options are truly endless with these design at affordable prices, so get creative!

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