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2013 sees Sanderson launch their greatly anticipated ‘Designer Options’

2013 sees Sanderson launch their greatly anticipated ‘Designer Options’, the 11th Options collection. This series of collections has been going for 31 years with the first ‘Options’ collection launched in 1982. There are a total of eleven prints and twelve wallpapers in the collection including ‘Dandelion Clocks’ from the previous ‘Options 10’ collection and ‘Fifi’, which was previously printed as a wallpaper in the ‘50’s’ collection. The style of ‘Designer Options’ is varied to give the customer a wide choice within one book. Contemporary designs, classic Indienne trails and fresh florals are all included.



Varese is painted using an unusual technique which lets the paint bleed creating a blurred, unfocused effect.  Abstract flower motifs have been coloured in contemporary combinations including rich berry tones, indigos and charcoal. It is digitally printed on cotton satin in four colourways, suitable for curtains and upholstery. Varese wallpaper is printed in four matching colours and Kantu, a small gingko leaf wallpaper has been designed to complement Varese in eight colourways.

Jubilee Square was originally painted in the 1950’s the recent interest in retro design brought this design out of the archive. It is a whimsical street scene using images of the designers long-time family home and dolls house with park benches, trees, lampposts and dogs. It is printed on brushed cotton in three colourways and is suitable for upholstery and curtains. The coordinating Jubilee Square wallpaper shows a similar design coloured in a monotone palette.

Maple has areas of flat colour are juxtaposed with bold abstract leaf shapes and etched marks to create a contemporary and graphic image. It is printed on slub cotton in four colourways, suitable for upholstery & curtains. The coordinating Maple wallpaper is printed in three colourways. Dandelion Clocks, also designed for the ‘Options 10’ collection is included as a fabric and wallpaper in the three best selling colourways.

Sussex Downs is inspired by the countryside around the designers home, a subject she often draws on. The line illustrations are spontaneously sketched, depicting trees, hedgerows and scattered dwellings. It is available on unbleached linen union in two colours and fine cotton voile in one colourway. Sussex Downs wallpaper shows similar imagery and is available in three complementary colours.

Spring Flowers, has been painted in a loose watercolour style with subtle tonal effects that are reproduced in the print. It shows a mix of spring flowers including hyacinths and anemones. It is printed on linen/viscose in four colourways and is complemented by Spring Trellis wallpaper, painted in a similar technique.
Ranee, is adapted from an Indian embroidery and is painted to imitate a delicate chain stitch. It shows a classic trail with stylised birds and is printed in three colourways on slub cotton. The coordinating Ranee wallpaper comes in three colours to match the fabric and a classic neutral colour.

Fantasy Garden is a contemporary interpretation of a tree of life printed on slub cotton in three colourways. The Swedish influence of the design is reflected in the coordinating Fantasy Garden wallpaper. Seaford Stripe wallpaper complements many of the designs in the collection and is printed in five colourways.

Morning View depicts an interior view with fruit and flowers in the foreground and a seascape seen though a window. Morning View has been digitally printed in 2 colourways to capture the variations of texture and tone in the designers artwork. The semi-plain wallpaper, Reflections echoes the paint effects used in the print and is available in five colourways.

Apples & Pears and was inspired by the fruit motifs in Morning View. It is a simple arrangement of halved fruits in two colourways and printed on cotton.

Fifi is an original ‘50s’ Sanderson wallpaper, which was re-discovered in 2012. Fifi is a whimsical design, which shows fashionable ladies in ‘new look’ dresses. It is printed on cotton in two colourways and has a coordinating Fifi wallpaper.









Is a charming collection of whimsical embroideries for the young at heart with elegant embroidered trails, complemented by multicoloured satin stripes.

Beautiful Balloons is a stunning design of hot air balloons floating across the sky adorned with lively, colourful patterns. It is embroidered on cotton twill in four colourways.

Carousel is a smaller scale design of colourful beads hanging in vertical stripes. It is embroidered in six colourways on cotton twill to complement Beautiful Balloons.

Asami is a charming embroidery of cherry boughs and blossom. The yarns used to embroider the blossom motifs have been cut to create delicate pompoms. It is embroidered on linen union in six colourways.

Ranee Embroidery is a delicate Indienne pattern displaying a stylised trail of blossoms and leaves. It has been embroidered using a technique that imitates the chain stitch used on traditional hand stitched Indian cloths.  It is available in three colourways on cotton twill.

Candy Stripe is a multi-coloured asymmetric stripe and Asami Stripe is a classic, symmetrical stripe.  Both are woven in a smart satin quality to complement the embroideries.



Sanderson launch their first Trimmings collection including seven versatile trimming styles including simple picot braids, bobble fringes, ruffles and beads. Almost one hundred trimmings are presented in 17 colour sets including linen, duck egg, charcoal and plum, all designed to complement Sanderson’s collections of weaves and prints. The comprehensive choice of trimmings will enhance and embellish upholstery, curtains, cushions and other soft furnishings.

The range is comprised of: Picot Braid, Wide braid, Bobble Fringe, Drop Bead Fringe, Pleated Ruffle, Flanged Cord and Beaded Braid.

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