Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ..........

You have to forgive me for having a nostalgic moment today - I'm so proud of my business 23 years of trading and I love it as much today as I did when I started out.   I am one of those lucky people who enjoy going to work everyday because I am passionate about what I do and the people who I come into contact with because of it. 

I've had one of those typically hectic days today chasing my tail.   Actually I am officially on holiday, but I had promised one of my lovely customers that I would try and get her curtains fitted for her before she went away and see a really busy lady who needs our help restoring a period property -  today was the only day. That's the essence Honeysuckle for you - we are dedicated to customer service and I don't think anyone else does it like us.

I always say I owe so much of the companies success to the fantastic team of people that work for me - it with great thanks to them, all their hard work and dedication that Honeysuckle remains constant enabling our loyal customers to be able return again and again.

Over the last 23  years  I have certainly seen some changes in soft furnishing design and interiors, I can honestly say I've seen and done it all.  And how technology has changed over that time.  When the business set up there were no mobile phones, email, computers  or satellite navigation all those things I take for granted now!

Right that's it nostalgia moment over  - all that's left to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEYSUCKLE - here's to many more brilliant years to come. Check out what we did on our 20th birthday bash theres a link on the website  - Bring on a silver jubilee birthday celebration!!!

Marina xx

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