Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Vintage Honeysuckle - quality that stands the test of time

I was really delighted when one of our old customers popped into the showroom recently.  I hadn't seen this lady for some years  in fact she hadn't realised Michelle had had a break and was back - so we're talking some time here.

We were of course only too happy to supply her with new sitting room poles upgrading them to something a little more substantial.  She reminded us of  how the poles had been in the house when she had moved in and had now finally expired.  I couldn't believe that we had made the curtains for her over 18 years ago - how time flies!  The great thing about these curtains is the fantastic condition they are in.  The Nobilis fabric is in timeless delicate colours - and was expensive at the time.  What a great investment  they were and testament to our expert curtain making it speaks volumes about the quality of materials we use.  The pole diameter was much greater than the original which meant the curtains needed to be shortened - no problem all part of the service.

Here's what they looked like when we'd finished... at least another ten years in them!

And here's what our lovely customer wrote to us:-

Hi Marina

I am truly delighted with the curtain poles and the transformation of my ancient curtains -  please give my thanks to everyone concerned with sprucing them up, you have all done a wonderful job.

Talk to you again very soon

Jan x


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